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Animal Rights and Anti-Hunting Movements

The American Humane Society attempts to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of animals and children.  They focus on the chain of abuse that often begins with animals and culminates into violence against humans.   Research indicates that substantial animal abuse in childhood is an indicator of dysfunctional family relationships and future aggressive behavior towards humans.  The American Humane Society emphasizes educating children about ethical treatment of animals in an effort to end a life of violence before it begins.  The Children's Division of the American Humane Society may be of interest to parents and teachers.  This site also offers insightful tips to protect your pet against violence.  

The Animal Rights Resource Site is your window into the Animal Rights Movement.  A search engine available at this site allows you to do a key word search, this is convenient given the vast amount of information on this page. Recent and archived news stories which chronicle the animal rights movement in America and around the world are available.  In order to provide a sound understanding of the animal rights movement the opinions of supporters as well as opponents of the animal rights movement are provided.  One particular area of interest is the opportunity to chat on-line with Koko the "good" gorilla from the movie CONGO. This site will also provide links to other animal rights and vegetarian web sites.

Ethics and Animals is a personal web page with a plethora of links concerning animal related ethics.  Animal research, animal welfare, animal rights, environmentalism, hunting, and vegetarianism are addressed.  I strongly recommend this site because the links provided for any given issue were selected in such a way that all sides of that issue are represented.  The result, a more comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand.  This site is an ideal resource for someone preparing for a debate or persuasive speech on an animal rights issue.  Some areas of interest on this site include links to Eco-Net where animal rights headlines from around the world are available.  A link to Park Net is also available.  This provides information about current events in national parks around the country.  Information about air quality, plants, animals, geology, and water in national parks is abundant in this site.

The Animal Health, well-being, and Rights web site is a comprehensive and informative source of information.  This page is divided into four sections.  The first section includes links to general sites which focus on all types of animals.  The second contains links which focus on specific animals ranging from bats to wolves.  The third section contains miscellaneous documents and images.  The fourth provides sources of information about related subjects such as livestock and veterinary medicine.   A link to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory is available at this site.  It provides information about what to do  if  you find injured wildlife and who to contact in your area.

PETA provides a wealth of information online.  Clicking on this hyper link will bring you to a keyword search index.  Through this venue magazine articles, fact sheets, videos, photos, and other resources can be obtained.  Reports and updates from PETA's caseworkers, lists of cruelty free companies, charities, and recipes are also available.  A consumer's guide to animal ingredients is provided to heighten consumer awareness.  It includes an alphabetical list of animal ingredients found in food and cosmetics.  This site is a virtually infinite source of information about animals and their rights.

Killing for Kicks is an anti-hunting web site designed for people who are opposed to senseless cruelty.  This site points out that you do not have to be a militant animal rights activist, certified vegetarian or opposed to the ownership of fire arms to be opposed to hunting.  All you need is a conscience and the realization that killing and torturing animals is morbidly perverse.  Solid and sensible responses to a number stock pro-hunting rationalizations are available. The bludgeoning of sixteen cats at a "no kill" shelter in Fairfield, Iowa was a chilling crime against animals.  This site provides a detailed account the trial and all parties involved.  Killing for Kicks takes a unique approach to the abolition of hunting.  Rather than proposing legislation to ban hunting, it suggests a grassroots movement against hunting so intense that candidates running for government offices who take the pro-hunting platform would be committing political suicide.   


Canned Hunts, where hunters pay a fee to stalk and kill captive animals are addressed in an article by Richard Farinato, Director of Captive Wildlife for the Humane Society.  This type of operation always results in a helpless animal falling victim to some depraved person's immoral and unethical idea of a fun time.  This article addresses the importance legislation to ban "leisure time butchery".  Without this legislation canned hunts will continue to "perpetuate the abuse of animals in order to satisfy the egos of 'hunters' that do not possess the dignity of the trophies they seek."


Hunting Facts is an anti-hunting article written by Merritt Clifton editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE.  This article examines the hunting anomaly, by addressing a number of key issues.  The necessity, safety, and effect of hunting on children, families and the environment are examined.  Although many in favor of hunting would like to dismiss the facts presented in this article, they are facts none the less; the real impact of hunting on our society and environment can not be ignored.